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The Juneteenth Launch of the Tech Chaplaincy Institute

June 19th is Juneteenth, the day the African-American community in the United States celebrates the abolishment of slavery. It is also my grandmother's birthday and the day of this launch. I strategically chose this day as a day of jubilee, of ujamaa, and celebration. And it was! So many joined us at live to launch the Tech Chaplaincy Institute on Juneteenth 2020.

Fighting anti-black racism includes pro-black celebrations. To exist is to resist and I hope that by starting a black-owned business, I can stand in the legacy of so many others before me who struggled to realize a dream or even had their dreams robbed (the burning of Black Wall Street and countless other moments in history where success in the black community was met with riot, destruction, and death). ​

I hope wherever you are right now, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, you are taking care of yourself and I am humbled that so many celebrated with us. We shall overcome and someday is coming soon.

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